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I Just Watched "High School Musical" As An Adult, And Here Are 28 Questions I Need Answered. There's a severe lack of backpacks in this movie. Hope Lasater Prepare To Be Amazed When I Guess Your. Bucks (also known as AM (Adopt Me!) Bucks, or Adopt Me Currency- AMC for short) are the main currency of the game. They can be used to buy in-game items, such as food, toys, gifts, eggs, and vehicles. Also, they can be used to purchase houses and furniture for houses. Generally, according to the data recorded over an in-game week, you earn roughly 95 to per in-game .

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8. Bento box There’s a formula for bento boxes in Japan. Small portions and variety. The main ingredient can be fish, or meat. Rice is served with two kinds of okazu, or sides. Here is the full list of exhibitions, programs and events at LUX Center for the Arts.