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R.T. Katz / Life expectancy for children with cerebral palsy and mental retardation: Implications for life care planning expectancy that a life care planner can use in planning for future needs. 2. Estimating life expectancy in children with cerebral palsy There is a considerable amount of epidemiologi-. Sep 01,  · 1. Eur J Pediatr. Sep 1;(2) Analysis of etiologic factors in cerebral palsy with severe mental retardation. I. Analysis of gestational, parturitional and neonatal data.

The symptoms of cerebral palsy differ in type and severity from one person to the next, and may even change in an individual over time. Some people with cerebral palsy also have other medical disorders, including mental retardation, seizures, impaired vision or hearing, and abnormal physical sensations or perceptions. These cerebral palsy organizations and support groups are intended to help parents in Massachusetts find support & assistance for their special needs child.

Jan 01,  · Overall, our review showed that adults with CP frequently suffer from a variety of chronic physical and mental health issues, such as bladder issues, musculoskeletal problems, chronic pain, depression, and self-injurious behavior. Mental health issues can also be of concern as someone with cerebral palsy grows older. The rate of depression is three to four times higher in people with disabilities such as CP. It appears to be related not so much to the severity of their disabilities, but to how well they cope with them.

Put simply, it analyzes all possible actions (both mental, such as decisions, and physical) and ‘chooses’ the best one. Damage to the basal ganglia is very often associated with certain types of cerebral palsy (mainly but not limited to athetoid and dystonic). Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate health problems, accommodation, and mobility of adult patients with cerebral palsy (CP). Patients and methods: Between September and September , a total of 70 adult CP patients (37 males, 33 females; mean age ± years; range, 19 to 68 years) who were admitted to our clinic were included.