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of education, adults and continuing education should respond flexibly to the needs and interests of potential adult learners (Long, ). 2. Planning Educational Program Rothwell and Cookson () proposed a comprehensive Lifelong Education Program Planning (LEPP) model. In. Needs Assessment & Learner Self-Evaluation II–5 Needs Assessment and Learner Self-Evaluation The assessment of literacy needs from the learner’s perspective is an important part of an instructional program. Learners come to adult English as a Second Language programs for diverse reasons.

Mar 13,  · During the needs assessment there are a few documents that will be vital for the assessment. First, a list of current training courses that are being offered, who the training is offered to, and who has taken the training will all help to see if the training course is beneficial for one department/team or applicable to many (Stolovitch et al., ). Adult Education Needs Assessment G AE N Ad u l t E d u cati o n Need s Assessmen t T ABL E O F CO NT E NT S Executive Summary 2 Review of Consortium Responsibilities and Goals 2 Community Overview 3 Population and Age 3 Race 4 Poverty 4 Language 5.

Education Needs Assessment Results (November - ) School Operations/Division of Adult and Workforce Education Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center NW 20th Street, Room A, Miami, FL Phone: - Fax: M-DCPS: NE 2nd Ave.: Miami, FL Phone: () (For Non Technical Questions Only. Adult Basic Education, High School Equivalency classes; Want to register for a Career and Technical Education class, leading to certification and job placement? You may need to give a social security number or other documents to verify your identity. I am years old. This page says Adult Education is for ages 21+. What do I do?

Adult Education Teacher Competencies Self-Assessment Introduction Adult educators can use this optional self-assessment to determine areas for professional development. To complete this self-assessment, fill out the form below and print it, or print out a copy and complete it manually. Needs Assessment 1: Identifying the Scope of the Assessment and Developing a Team Needs assessments can be conducted for a variety of reasons and .