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Dec 06,  · Welcome to All About The Bricks! We are a LEGO Blog run by adults for adult fans of LEGO. Click to see the latest LEGO news and LEGO reviews! Dec 31,  · Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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Jan 27,  · Chronicle Books has secured the rights from the Lego Group to release licensed books and stationery for adult fans of Lego. The first two titles are due out in April There’s 25, more Adult Fans of Lego just like them across Australia and globally there’s around , people in the adult Lego community. Mr Niclasen and Ms Timson often go to AFOL meet-ups run by fellow obsessives around the world. Adult Fans of Lego: Why Lego .

An adult who still enjoys playing with toys at every chance he gets, only now his “playtime” has become more creative, possibly even a career. These people refer to themselves as “AFOL”, which stands for “Adult Fans of LEGO” and that’s exactly who . Nov 20,  · This kit includes a full interior, complete with plenty of Lego figurines and small details familiar to the Star Wars super-fans inside of all of us. With over 23 mini-figures, a .