New Latina Cheer leader selection - adult leader uniform inspection sheet


adult leader uniform inspection sheet - New Latina Cheer leader selection

MALE LEADER UNIFORM INSPECTION SHEET OFFICIAL PLACEMENT OF INSIGNIA The basic rule is neatness. Con-duct uniform inspection with com-mon sense. It is not the purpose of the inspection to embarrass anyone. Right Sleeve. U.S. flag. Den numeral, if applicable, is worn 2 inches below seam. If appropriate, the most recent-ly earned Quality Unit File Size: KB. Uniform Inspection Sheet Cub Scout and Scouts BSA Adult Leader Uniform Inspection. The uniform is one of the methods of delivering the Scouts BSA and Cub Scouting programs. The uniform, when worn fully and correctly, accomplishes four ideals of Scouting: identification, achievement, personal commitment, and personal equality.

Scout Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet Placement of Insignia. The BSA’s Insignia Guide, No. , is the complete, specific reference for placement and policies regarding BSA insignia and awards. Shoulder Epaulets. Scouters wear the color shoulder loop of the position in which. Uniform Inspection Sheet Scout Leader Uniform Inspection. Conduct the uniform inspection with common sense; the basic rule is neatness. Attendance. Presence at inspection merits 15 points. Notes Headgear. Headgear is optional. Boy Scout leaders wear the olive isor cap, campaign hat or troopapproved headgear. Varsity Scout leaders wear the blae isor cap.

Use the checklist on the reverse of this form to help determine score. For more information about insignia, see the Insignia Guide, No. Total Uniform Inspection Score Uniform and insignia points combined. A perfect score is points. Scout Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet 5 pts 5 pts 75 pts 25 pts ptsFile Size: 2MB.