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Include? Include Ratings. Teen And Up Audiences () General Audiences () Mature () Not Rated (81) Explicit (62) Include Warnings. No Archive Warnings Apply (). The characters of the Reborn! manga and anime series, known in Japan as Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, are created by Akira in a fictional town called Namimori in modern Japan, the series' main protagonists are of Japanese descent. However, their connection to an Italian Mafia family results in a majority of other characters introduced being mainly of Italian descent, .

Mukuro Rokudo (六道 骸, Rokudō Mukuro) is a year-old Mafia criminal who escaped from an Italian prison, which held some of the most dangerous Mafia criminals, before he was to be executed. Not long after, he, along with his two subordinates, came to Japan, enrolled in Kokuyo Junior High, and started the Kokuyo Gang, which consists of heinous criminals whom have . Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Mukuro is a character from the manga/anime Yu Yu Hakusho. She was born into slavery and one day escaped and trained to become one of the stongest demons in demon world. Mukuro Rokudo (六道 骸, Rokudō Mukuro) is a fictional character in the Reborn! manga and anime series created by Akira xbreast.xyzyed as the series' first primary antagonist, Mukuro Rokudo is introduced as a year-old Mafia criminal who is the leader of the Kokuyo Gang, which consists of heinous criminals who have recently escaped from prison.

Mukuro yawned as he stretched, causing the blanket to fall off of a teen's face. Takeshi groaned as he tried to go back to sleep, but sunlight kept him from doing so. "Huh, waz going on?" The brunette swordsman asked confusedly. "Get up, we're leaving." Mukuro said calmly as he stood up and got dressed quietly. Mukuro Ikusaba request Share. Drawing request for Mukuro in a more cute and romantic-y kinda sex scene. I've also been asked to use Makoto and Takumi as her partner so I decided to put them both in and just make a little alt for each. Credits & Info. BraveBengal. Artist. Views 7 Score Waiting for 4 more votes.