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So I get to take one of her adult onesies and a hoodie and attach as many cotton balls as needed. Then have to make ears on the hoodie. I put her down for night-night, so I am about to start. Wish me luck! My Bo Peep costume will just have to be bought since I dont have any dresses large enough to fit over my baby in my belly. Discover a wide range of ABDL Diapers, Adult Disposable Diapers, Small Adult Diapers, Cute Adult Diapers, ABDL Diaper Onesie and ABDL Nappies at affordable prices. Shop Now!

1: You are not allowed to adjust your diaper in any way or remove it. 2: You have to drink and/or eat everything that is given to you, without complaining. 3: You have to say out loud and intelligibly when you need to use your diaper, even in public. Regular checks will be performed, any unannounced wetting will be punished. 4: You are not allowed to ask to be changed or to complain about the. Getting Ready for Bed-time!! ADDED: 23/12/17 LENGTH: mins. Back to the Plastic Bedroom we go to see Baby Ash about to get into her lovely PVC-Clad Bunk-Bed. Time to get her Night Clothes on, and make sure she's wearing something to keep her dry and safe through the night. A nice big cloth Nappy will do for the first layer, covered over by some lovely Plastic Pants.

ABDL Fetish, Adult Baby Diaper, “My Mommy Keeps Me In Diapers” Nappy, Cloth Diaper, Plastic Diaper, Littles CrinkleButtArt. 5 out of 5 stars (31) $ Favorite Add to Adult Baby small-3X ABC's big boy briefs abdl BigTot. 5 out of 5 stars (3,) $ FREE shipping Favorite. Mommy Chat My Goal is to create a chat room for mommy to start training lil ones on regression and living as an Happy adult baby. Check the dates I will be available "LIVE".

New videos every day!Twitter - xbreast.xyz - xbreast.xyz - xbreast.xyz baby food; mommy's milk; adult food wearing diapers; adult food. You are going shoping. mommy's getting the stroller ready; do my clothes cover my diaper; where is my wallet/purse. how should a diaper smell. Mmmmm baby powder; it dosnt matter its just about how it works right; dosent apply to me but it should smell good either way. Your diaper.