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Sep 30,  · Adult Swim’s attempt to erase these episodes from the public consciousness was first discovered in June, when Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans noticed that the episode Shake Like Me, in which Master Shake gradually begins to turn into a stereotypical black person after being bitten by a ‘radioactive Black man,’ had suddenly been removed from HBO Max and Adult Swim’s official xbreast.xyz: Spencer Baculi. Sep 29,  · The Daily Beast reports that according to a representative from Adult Swim, they’re not available anywhere because both “Shake Like Me” and “Jimmy Rebel” have been “permanently retired due to cultural sensitivities,” with no date planned for their return to streaming.

Adult Swim. 6,, likes · 78, talking about this. Follow us on twitter if you want to hear from us more than you really want to. Adult Swim Cast. Space Ghost voiced by George Lowe. Zorak voiced by C Martin Croker. Moltar voiced by C Martin Croker. Brak voiced by Andy Merrill. Mom voiced by Marsha Crenshaw. Dad voiced by George Lowe. Master Shake voiced by Dana Snyder. Frylock voiced by Carey Means. Meatwad voiced by Dave Willis. Carl Brutananadilewski voiced by Dave.

Adult Swim time! All kids out of the pool! Ready to tackle your insomnia with a series of blind box Adult Swim buddies? Kidrobot and Adult Swim are back at it with an all-new collection of your favorite late-night TV show companions to enjoy some explicit content laced with inebriated debauchery in the new collectible Adult Swim Vinyl Figure Series 2. Sep 29,  · The Adult Swim series The Shivering Truth has also had an episode removed from the Adult Swim website. The Daily Beast says the episode that was removed featured "a pregnant woman who gives birth.

Apr 23,  · Adult Swim Shares Animal Crossing Designs For Rick and Morty, Samurai Jack, and more. By Marc Deschamps - April 23, Now you can read all the game's puns in Shake's voice! Dec 30,  · Created by Dave Willis, Matt Maiellaro. With Dave Willis, Carey Means, Dana Snyder, Matt Maiellaro. The misadventures of a milkshake, an order of fries, a meatball, and their retired next door neighbor in the suburbs of New Jersey.