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An umbilical hernia appears when fat, tissue or a loop of the bowel pushes through the muscles around your navel. These muscles sometimes have a weakness at the navel, allowing an umbilical hernia to push through. An umbilical hernia can affect adults, children and babies. A burning or hot sensation around the hernia; What is done to treat a Strangulated Hernia? A strangulated hernia repair is an emergency. The surgeon’s priority is to ‘reduce’ the hernia, which means to release the entrapped bowel and return it where it belongs, inside the abdominal cavity.

Umbilical Hernia: It is a small bulge at the belly button containing fat from within the abdomen. It is caused by a defect or weakening in the fascia, a thick layer of Read More. 1 doctor agrees. 0. 0 comment. 0. 0 thank. Send thanks to the doctor. A female asked. Umbilical Hernia Symptoms in Adults The one main sign of an umbilical hernia in an adult is a bulge in or near your belly button area. This makes it super-easy to decide whether you think you have an umbilical hernia or not. Do you have a bulge near your belly button?

Adults are more at risk of developing an umbilical hernia if they are obese or have had surgery that weakens the wall of the belly. If you already have an umbilical hernia, you can prevent it from getting worse by avoiding straining, not lifting anything heavy and avoiding anything that puts pressure on the hernia. Sep 24,  · Femoral hernias are far less common and are more often seen in older women. They form along the canal that carries the principal blood vessels (femoral artery and vein) into the thigh. This hernia usually produces a bulge that’s slightly lower than an inguinal hernia. Even though your hernia isn’t causing any symptoms, it's important that.

Most patients with umbilical hernias first notice a belly button bulge or discomfort. Over time these hernias can get larger and more uncomfortable as the hernia sac gets pushed out from inside the abdomen. Like other hernias, an umbilical hernia in an adult will . Apr 02,  · Thank you for your question regarding your umbilical hernia and the picture you attached. Yes, there are risks involved if you do not get your umbilical hernia fixed. An umbilical hernia is a small hole in the peritoneal wall. This allows a small piece of .