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Best Cars For Elderly Drivers By Lyndon Bell Given time affects everyone differently, the term “elderly driver” is probably better thought of as defining a set of physical parameters, rather than . Transportation. Transportation helps older adults maintain their independence and links them to services they need. Whether they drive their own cars or utilize a public bus, older adults depend on accessible transportation to get them everywhere from the grocery store to their doctor’s office.

Sep 23,  · There are crucial questions older drivers should consider before making a decision to buy a car. How easy is it to get in and out of the car? What safety features is it equipped with? Does it have user-friendly climate and infotainment controls? Is there good outward visibility for the driver? Oct 09,  · Caremerge Partners with Spiro to Help Older Adults Stay Connected and Active. People of all ages have been trying to figure out how to maintain their wellness routines in quarantine during the COVID pandemic. In senior living communities, COVID operational changes have made it hard for older adults to stay active and engaged.

This project examined measures related to older adults’ driving performance while they drove to a familiar destination without navigation aids, and when following new routes they had not previously driven using paper directions or an electronic navigation system (ENS), often called a “GPS.”. Older Adults. About Older Adult Services; Dementia Care & Caregiver Support; Care Navigation; Counseling for Older Adults; Resident Services Coordinator; Close; Youth. About Youth Services; FutureLink: Job Readiness Program; Career Counseling & Case Management; School Based Family Crisis Therapy; Prevention Education; PSA Video Gallery; Close.

For many older adults, being able to drive is the most convenient way to travel from place to place and maintain independence. At the same time, as vision, hearing and motor functions decline, older drivers self-restrict their driving to daylight, off peak hours, and/or local roads. Give the older adult extra time to do what is needed. If the older adult has had a stroke and has right-sided or left-sided weakness, seat his affected side nearest the door (i.e. if a left-sided weakness, then seat on the driver-side of the back seat). This can help with balance and allows you to position the weaker side into the car and also.