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Adult Guardianship / Committeeship in BC documents is the only one that matters. A court-appointed committee of estate must take an inventory of what the adult owns (assets) and owes (debts) and provide this to the PGT when they first take over the adult’s affairs. Adult Guardianship Laws in BC British Columbia has laws that ensure every adult's right to self-determination and to provide support and assistance for people vulnerable to abuse or are no longer capable of making their own decisions.

VICTORIA – The Adult Guardianship and Planning Statutes Amendment Act will offer greater clarity for families regarding adult guardianship and more planning options for adults in case of incapacity, said Attorney General Wally Oppal as he introduced Bill 32 in the legislature. If an adult isn’t capable of making decisions, they may be vulnerable. When you become a guardian, the court gives you legal authority to make personal decisions for them. will be 18 years old in the next year will need someone to make their personal decisions after they become an adult If you.

CLBC is identified as a ‘designated agency’ under Part 3 of the Adult Guardianship Act which gives it the duty and responsibility to respond to and investigate situations involving allegations of abuse, neglect or self-neglect of adults with developmental disabilities. Jun 23,  · Every day, there’s a vulnerable adult living in BC who suffers from abuse, neglect or self-neglect. The Adult Guardianship Act (Act) was enacted in February – with recent updates and changes that came into force on December 1, – to give designated agencies the power to investigate situations in which vulnerable adults may be living at risk and tools to intervene.

A court will terminate (end) guardianship only as a last resort and if there's no other way to protect the child's best interests. Before they take away a person's guardianship, a judge will look at other ways to protect a child's best interests. We often work closely with the office of the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia in resolving issues or disputes, and our lawyers are frequently retained by the Public Guardian and Trustee in BC. When adults have diminished capacity, they may be vulnerable to others seeking to take advantage of them.