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Sep 01,  · Overview. Male condoms are one of the most popular methods of birth control. They’re common, convenient, and inexpensive. Their average price is . Oct 13,  · Birth control only prevents pregnancy. It doesn't prevent stds or HIV. If you don't want to use condoms (if your partner has had unprotected sex before) talk to your partner and ask them to get an std test done. Also make sure they can be faith full to you.

Jul 25,  · For instance, if a woman uses a combination of condoms, spermicide, and the rhythm method at once, will she still get pregnant? (Assuming she's only intimate with her husband/boyfriend times per month.) Also, if people say condoms are an "ineffective" form of birth control and can fail a lot, why do they still rely on them for disease prevention? May 18,  · a condom has 95% chance of protection but there are some ocassions where they can break always read the out of date before use. remember to follow the instructions on the packet. as for birth control if really want it then have a talk to ur mum first. both condom and birth control is .

Aug 01,  · Like the birth control pill, condoms are highly effective when used correctly. If you use condoms perfectly every time you have sex, they will be 98 percent effective at preventing you from becoming pregnant. However, just like the pill, it’s very common to make mistakes when using condoms. Aug 07,  · Im a guy and my girlfriend and I have talked about having sex and we both plan on using a contraceptive. If she uses birth control (and uses it correctly) and I use a condom (used correctly) and we use the pull out method (and ejaculate on myself) does this reduce our chances of a pregnancy rather than just using one or the other (if so to around what %).

Birth control and an abortion are different. Birth control prevents pregnancy from happening in the first place. An abortion stops an existing pregnancy. “There’s a huge difference,” says. Nov 11,  · Birth control rarely makes women gain weight and each pill has a different side effect. I have taken Yasmin for 3 years and have never had a problem or any negative side effects. Also, it really is best to continue using a condom even if you are on the pill because nothing is % effective but using two methods of birth control is better than one.