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Precordial catch is a completely benign and very common condition, generally seen in children or young adults, in which sudden, sharp chest pain occurs, usually on the left side of the chest, lasting for a few seconds to a few minutes. Mar 10,  · Like other common childhood chest pain, there’s no treatment for it, but it should go away quickly on its own. If the pain recurs, try anti-inflammatory medicine, like ibuprofen.

The chronic chest pain is between my breasts along with left arm pain, tingling, and pain between my shoulder blades. I have been in chronic pain most my teens and adult life. About every 3 to 6 months, my pain gets really bad to where I can't work and my family worries I am having a heart attack. Oct 01,  · In older adults, chest pain is frequently due to a heart problem. This is because heart disease mostly strikes older people. In kids, chest pain is very rarely due to a heart problem. A prospective study in 50 children referred to a cardiology clinic showed that 76 percent had pain from the muscles, bones, or cartilage; 12 percent had exercise.

Dec 26,  · Dissimilar to adult cases, chest pain is rarely indicative of cardiac disease in children. However, a physician should be notified if chest pain does occur with strenuous activity such as exercise. Symptoms in children and adolescents may include;. Angina pectoris, or angina, is chest pain or discomfort that happens when a part of the heart does not get enough blood and oxygen 2. People who experience angina are at higher risk for a heart attack or cardiac arrest. Although more common in older adults, there are several conditions that can cause angina during childhood and the early teen.

Aug 17,  · While the study did have some limitations, and its overall significance is not yet apparent, it demonstrates that it’s relatively common for the heart to be affected in young adults and middle-aged. The former, you are way to young for that to be a problem and the latter, you would have known about that by now, if it was bad enough to cause chest pain in you. As far as the murmur goes, many people, as adults, still have the murmur that they were born xbreast.xyz babies are born with a functional murmur which generally, but not always, goes away after the first one or two years .