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Individuals raised in dysfunctional families are more likely to become codependent adults. Dysfunctional families might include: Parents with physical or mental illness. Parents with an addiction. Narcissistic parent(s) who rely on children for . Drug use in not the cause of family problems, it is denial which is the root. Blaming others, don't make mention of it, covering up, alibis, loyalty of family enables. Nobody may discuss problem outside the family. Nobody says what they feel or think. Family Roles Lead to Codependency Addiction and the Family Roles How the They lead to Codependency. Codependency No More: How to Spet its Signs, Effects and Develop the Right Recovery Strategies (): Tucker, Iris: Books. We treat people facing Codependency, Adults raised in Dysfunctional Families, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and Adult Children of Narcissists.

Dec 05,  · Codependency is adaptive and helped us survive growing up in a dysfunctional family system. But that adjustment cost us our individuality, authenticity, and our future quality of life. The beliefs and behaviors we learned then led to problems in adult relationships. In fact, they tend to recreate the dysfunctional family of our Darlene Lancer. Jun 17,  · Dysfunctional Families And Codependency Many adults who are codependent grew up in families where alcoholism by one or both parents was a fact of life. Other adults with codependency may have grown up in families where drug addiction, mental health conditions, physical health problems or general family dysfunction was present.

Jul 13,  · I have a confession: for most of my adult life, I had no idea what the f*ck I was doing. Like many of you, I’m an Adult Child of an Alcoholic (ACA) and tried to convince myself that I was normal and well-adjusted, doing my best impersonation of a functioning adult. I denied my experiences as an adult child of a dysfunctional family, and that didn’t work out too well. CODEPENDENCY Growing Up Codependent By Dr. David Hawkins Guest Columnist – Linda was the oldest of seven and decided while still a child that it was her responsibility to bring harmony to the family. Partially due to her temperament, partially due to the circumstances of her family, she became a people-pleaser, a trait she has carried since childhood.