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adult fanfiction - syd and sky - Experienced and sex kitten Syd jumps on dildo to orgasm

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A one-shot for a Percy and Annabeth pairing thing. It's based off a much older fan fiction I read a while back. Lulu, you'll get this. I might even post a drawing for this but I dunno. TATN / Thalia! , February 12, (UTC) P.S This is going to be loooong. And in Percy's POV. P.P.S In this universe Percy is secretly zeo ranger 1 pink. And Annabeth is actually apart of the justice league. This is a fanfic where I use song lyrics and put a story behind it. these are mostly x readers, and i made them gender neutral. i hope you like this, Syd (One Day at a Time) (74) Victor Alvarez (21) Leslie Berkowitz (17) Kara Danvers (16) Lena Luthor (15) Include Relationships.

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Syd and Sky have been friends for a while and they loved spending time together but they didn't know that they had a crush on each other. They were fighting sometimes but that's because they were so different but they couldn't stand being apart from each other. The new Skylanders of the modern day hope for a bright future after The Darkness and The Sky Eater destroyed much of their home world. Yet, they do not know what lies ahead. Stones of every Element, lying in wait for a powerful hero to come. They are said to unleash a great power within a Skylander, changing their appearance and powers.