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This condition occurs when the piriformis muscle, which is located in the buttock, happens to irritate the sciatic nerve. Although this is the same type of pain as sciatica and will exhibit the same classic symptoms, it is not classified as sciatica. The reason for this is the pain originated in the buttock instead of the lower back. Back pain comes in all varieties, but sciatica can be an easy one to identify. It’s pain that starts in your sciatic nerve, which runs all the way from your lower back into your feet.

Sciatica is nerve pain arising from the sciatic nerve. It can be produced by pressure on the nerve, where it passes through the buttock. Sciatica can be brought on by sitting on a hard seat. When your leg goes to sleep, that is also a form of sciatica. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve, formed from nerve roots that originate from the spinal cord. Sciatic pain occurs when there is pressure on, or damage to, the sciatic nerve. The most common cause is a herniated disc (also known as slipped disc or disc prolapse). This occurs when one of the soft, gel-filled discs between the vertebrae of the spine bulges or .

May 04,  · Sciatica pain is felt on one side of the body, as the pain can travel from the lower back to the foot. There are accompanying sciatica symptoms that may be experienced in the groin, knees, calves, and ankles aside from the back and legs. It can be a dull ache that progressively worsens into a paralyzing state of pain. The pain can worsen with. Oct 23,  · Although the outlook for most people with sciatica is good, those with chronic sciatica face a longer and more complicated recovery.

Jun 22,  · Keeping your weight under control will go a long way toeliminating the risk of sciatic nerve damage. With the right treatment program, a good bit of movement and a healthy lifestyle, you may be able to make sciatica pain an afterthought. Chronic back pain and sciatica pain are treatable conditions, no matter how difficult it can be at times. Sciatica is a common disorder that involves low back pain that spreads down the back of one leg. It usually occurs when the sciatic nerve is pinched. This causes achy, sharp, or burning pain down the leg along the pathway of the sciatic nerve. The pain is also commonly described as an electric jolt. There are many causes of xbreast.xyzon: East Ogden Ave Naperville, IL